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iOS & Android apps

Kriptonio provides iOS and Android mobile apps for its users to allow them to create Web3 wallets and interact with smart contracts on different blockchain networks.


Kriptonio mobile apps are built with strong security in mind. We use the latest security standards and best practices to ensure that your wallets are safe.

When you create a wallet, we store and encrypt wallet authentication data on your device. This data never leaves your device, which also means that you need to manually back it up in order to be able to access your wallet in case of unexpected events.

In addition to that, we also use biometric/pin authentication to authorize all sensitive operations, such as sending transactions, creating wallets, etc.


Non Custodial Wallets

Kriptonio mobile apps are non-custodial, which means that you are in full control of your wallets and funds.

Smart & Classic Wallets

Under the hood, mobile apps use the Kriptonio SDK, which means that you can create smart and classic EOA wallets.

Gasless Transactions

Kriptonio mobile apps support gasless transactions, which means that you can send transactions without having to hold any cryptocurrency in your wallet.

Smart Contracts

Inside the mobile app, you can interact with smart contracts created on blockchain platforms. When interacting with smart contracts and using smart wallets, you can utilize gasless transactions and execute smart contract methods without having to hold any cryptocurrency in your wallet.


Kriptonio mobile apps support WalletConnect, which means that you can connect your wallet to any dApp that supports the WalletConnect protocol.