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Sponsor Transactions

All transactions going from smart wallets are automatically sponsored by integrated Kriptonio Paymaster. This means that you don't need to worry about gas fees, and you can focus on building your application.

Here is an example of how to send a sponsored transaction from a smart wallet:

import { ChainId, KriptonioSdk } from '@kriptonio/sdk';
const sdk = new KriptonioSdk({
  accessToken: 'your-access-token',

// default wallet type is smart wallet
const wallet = await sdk.wallet.generate({
  chainId: ChainId.BaseSepolia,
  type: 'kernel',
// automatically sponsored transaction
const hash = await wallet.sendTransaction({
  to: wallet.address,
  value: 0n,

This also means that when using smart wallets with ethers, and Viem, all transactions are sponsored by default, unless you explicitly specify a different behaviour.