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Deploy Smart Contract

To deploy a smart contract, we will use the deploy function of the smart contract object.

Because deploying a smart contract is a transaction, we need to provide a wallet to sign and send the transaction. We will generate a new smart wallet and use it to deploy the smart contract.

import { ChainId, KriptonioSdk } from '@kriptonio/sdk';
const sdk = new KriptonioSdk({
  accessToken: 'your-access-token',

const wallet = await sdk.wallet.generate({ chainId: ChainId.BaseSepolia, type: 'kernel' });
const smartContract = await sdk.smartContract.get({ id: '<id>', wallet });
// deploy accepts an optional array of constructor arguments
const deployment = await smartContract.deploy({
  params: ['arg1', 'arg2'],
console.log('smart contract address', deployment.address);

After a few seconds, the smart contract will be deployed, and you will be able to read the address and transaction hash of the deployment from the deployment object.